2018 Emerging Artists Program Application

This opportunity is made possible by the Jerome Foundation

Contact Information
Please remember that you must be a resident of MN or one of the 5 boroughs of NYC to be eligible to apply.

If you are working with a collaborator, select one lead applicant for contact, information but apply together.

While this is optional, it helps ensure that our programming serves a diverse population of artists.
Individual Work Week
Individual weeks are for individual artists or teams of 2. Please note that past Emerging Artists Program alums must wait one year before applying again.
Please note that there are only 2 single cabins
Group Project Week
Group Project weeks are designated for groups of 4-7 collaborators. You will work out sleeping assignments (shared vs. single cabins) on your own.
Artistic Project and Goals
Please note, the selection process for these grants is competitive and will be based on the artist’s proposed project, quality of work sample, achievability of the goals for the week, and suitability of the project for an artists’ community.
Relevant Experience
Please include your bio here, or attach your cv/resume as a file below.
Please paste links to a prior work sample and explain how it relates to the project you are submitting. This would help us get a sense of your style, aesthetic, voice, etc. Samples could be 10-15 pages of written work, art portfolio photos, and/or a 10-15 minute performance excerpts.
If you're unable to include your sample in the space above, please upload your sample here. Limit 2MB.
TLC provides a sound system, projection screen, projector, video camera and a printer. What other equipment do you need which you cannot provide yourself?